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Psychologies Day 2018: “I am changing the world, the world changes me”

Skype meetings, “remote” employees, acquaintances and online relationships, personal media, every second teenager, like a personal brand, wireless headphones, hours and other equipment, robots, similar to people. All this is our new reality. The reality in which we ended up in some 30 years. How to survive in it? What awaits us next and how to prepare for future changes? We will deal with psychologists and leaders of the opinion of the 21st century at the conference on October 19, 2018.

We devoted the first annual Psychologies Day conference to the world of technology and their influence on us. Psychologies experts, psychologists, writers, opinion leaders in their areas will tell you what happened, what happened, what to expect in the future and how to prepare for this today.

Our speakers

Alexander Tsypkin, PRAR, author of the bestseller “women of adamant age” and “house of pre -evidence”, the creator and author of the project “UNDIDENT CHARACHINGS”.

Alena Vladimir, Hedhanter, founder of the service search service “Anti -Stratism” and PRUFFI personnel agency. One of the largest recruiting experts and HR for the Internet industry. HR-Brand Prize.

Larisa Surkova, family and child psychologist, many children and popular blogger.


Katerina Murashova, Practical family and children’s psychologist, writer, teacher, 10 years old conducts a blog in the Snob project and gives public lectures on psychology.

Lyudmila Petranovskaya, Psychologist, author of the books “A foster child has come to the class”, “How do you behave: 10 steps by changing difficult behavior”, “difficult age”.

Maria Eril, psychologist, psychotherapist, conducting trainings. Permanent expert Psychologies.